Ralph Breaks the Web | Official Trailer 2

Watch the official trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet, and see the film in theatres November 21! “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” leaves Litwak’s …

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  2. I finally watched this movie…and it was absolutely phenomenal! Even better than the first film. Into the spider-versr has to be a pretty damn good movie if it edged this out as the academy award winner of best animated feature. I will check out spider-man, but i dont see how it can beat this movie.

    Recent movies i have seen:

    Ralph breaks the internet. 9.5/10
    The incredibles 2. 6/10
    Alita battle angel. 7/10
    The shape of water. 6.5/10
    The great gatsby. 8/10

  3. If this is the kind of safe, mass audience appeal, soulless, product placement-filled, immediately outdated meme-referencing, lol teh randumness-vibing, 'sooo relatable', clearly written by 40 year olds, visually boring, tonally inconsistent, cat videos, aesthetically unappealing, breaking the rules of its own universe, MULTIPLE TIME FORTNITE-REFERENCING CRAP that gets an Oscar nomination, why even make films at all?

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